Your daily dose of happy…

I’m illustrating a little Positive Pack – a set of 50 individually printed cards… each with something NICE to say!  They’ll have compliments and kind remarks – and the idea is to freely give them away to strangers, colleagues and friends – just to put a little smile on the face of somebody else… give them a ‘daily dose of happy’.  They’ll be beautifully printed on a quality cards with rounded corners – and will come in a very cute little tin (so you can keep them in your bag – or wherever you want – and they won’t get damaged).  Here’s the first 6…  what do you think?

6 thoughts on “Your daily dose of happy…

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    Some of my most recent illustrations… we live in a word full of gossip, criticism and negativity… hopefully these little cards will brighten someone’s day… (they’ll be on sale soon). X

  2. I love these, and this idea!I walked past a girl once who was handing out sweets wrapped in paper with random thoughts on it – this was nearly two years ago, and to this day I still have the piece of paper stuck beside my mirror. It really is things like this that can make someone’s day. Good luck, I hope I randomly walk past you when you hand them out x

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