Why do we attack what we don’t understand?

Why do people attack what they do not understand?  I wrote a long rant on this…. and while I was ranting away, a friend of mine posted this video on my Facebook wall:

Under the video link, my friend (very generously) typed:  “She reminds me of you”.  What a beautiful compliment – although I don’t think I’m as brave as Erykah!

At the end of the video (filled with many relevant metaphors)… there’s a poem.  This is what she says:

They play it safe

are quick to assassinate what they do not understand

they move in packs

ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another

they feel most comfortable in groups:  less guilt to swallow

they are us

this is what we have become:  afraid to respect the individual

a single person within a circumstance can move one to change… to love herself… to evolve.


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