Drive-by Shootings (Kenya)

Nick and I have a tradition:  whenever we travel somewhere interesting and unfamiliar, we take photos out of the car window as we drive… and call this our “Drive-by Shootings”.  Later, we look back on the photos and drink it all in.  We have hundreds of drive-by photos… from Cuba, Haiti, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Mozambique and more…  and I can’t bring myself to delete any of them.  To me, they offer such a fascinating insight into the daily lives of people who live differently to me.

Here’s a few from Kenya (from both Mombassa & Nairobi)…

Can you spot:

  • the woman selling bananas?
  • the man relieving himself against the wall?
  • the disabled man with his specially adapted bike?
  • the men repairing bicycles?
  • the Masai man selling some kind of medicine / pills?
  • and… (this one is hard)… the pair of legs & bum ducking behind a counter.

That’s why I love these photos… each photo – especially since they’re all un-posed – tell such interesting stories.

However, I must add a disclaimer – these photos were all taken in the most populated parts of Kenya.  Kenya also has the most beautiful national parks & wildlife… and the best beaches.  Here’s some other (completely different) photos of Mombassa:

Beautiful beaches… warm, calm sea… it’s idyllic!

I swam in that pool at least 3 times a day!

Kenya has abundant wild-life…. lots and lots to see!

Nick with a giant tortoise.

And, of course, lots of markets… curios… and friendly people.

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