Tiny living – could I do it?

Recently, I came across the story of a guy who lives in (and designs) teeny, tiny houses.  He’s been living in a tiny house for years now – which, in many ways, sounds wonderful… for these reasons:

  1. It affords him a lot of flexibility – because his little house is on wheels and he can move around to wherever he wants.  Sometimes he stays for months… sometimes for a few weeks.  As a wanna-be nomad – this is hugely appealing to me.
  2. Clearly – he is saving MASSIVELY on everything!  No expensive home-loan bonds to pay, no huge rent, no massive water & electricity bill… and clearly – his house is very, very friendly to the environment.  Talk about only using what you need!
  3. Oh… and the wonderful simplicity of tiny living!  Only having a few things… a small, manageable space… just the fact that he has relieved himself of the burden of mountains of clutter and “stuff” makes me hugely envious!

Here’s some pics:

The teeny, tiny house….

I think if I were single… or even if it was just Nick & I…  I think I would definitely consider the option of this way of life. However (!!) – with 2 small kids… hmmmm – not so much.  I don’t know how small kids fit in to this idyllic little scene.  The thought of 4 of us trying to share that weeny space isn’t a pleasant one.

That said – I can’t wait to scale down significantly!!!  I have already been donating small mountains of clutter and “stuff”… trying to simplify my life as we prepare for our family adventure.  I want to live far more consciously, simply and frugally.  I want to collect memories – not “things”.  I want our family to invest in experiences – not “stuff”!

I guess – although I’ll never live AS tiny as the Tiny House guy… I look forward to a simple life of considerably less.  Less debt.  Less stuff.  Less admin.  Less up-keep.  Less mess, etc.


5 thoughts on “Tiny living – could I do it?

  1. I love it!! I would want to live in a country where the weather’s good so you don’t have to be stuck in the tiny house, but other than that I could live there! (maybe cuz the last couple of years i’ve been living in tiny spaces like these)

  2. Remember when you were very little you used to sing a little song your granny taught you: ‘I wish I lived in a caravan with a horse to ride like a traveller man. Where he comes from nobody knows…and where he goes to – but on he goes!’..but tiny is not you Babes…youve always been a BIG thinker…it would drive you insane to be crammed into a small space no matter how romantic it seems. Youre hopelessly nostalgic and you love collecting memorabelia to you need large spaces. I personally dont believe you can change.

    • Then, mother, I shall have to prove you wrong. I feel like I’m squashed under an avalanche of “stuff”…. endless, endless “stuff”. It make me feel overwhelmed, disorganised and frustrated. I don’t want it any more. Although I don’t think I could ever live AS small as the tiny house guy – I DO think that I can drastically reduce my lifestyle… live in a smaller space – and live far more simply. My stuff doesn’t make me happy – most of it feels like a burden…. it weights me down like an anchor. Time for it to go!

    • It has a teeny little loo and shower – but the picture was too small to add to the blog. If you visit the website, you’ll see it. The whole house runs off green energy – he explains it very nicely on his blog.

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