Graves and Ruins

I love really, really OLD graveyards – and ancient ruins!  Europe is full of them…  so many to see – not enough lifetime to see everything!  I love reading the inscriptions on the gravestones or tombstones – and imagining the life and existence of the people buried there.  History fascinates me.  Whenever I wander through ancient ruins, I let my imagination run wild – and think of what it must have been like, many, many years ago – to stand in that very spot!

Here’s an old graveyard and an old, ruined church – somewhere in Nottingham, England.

3 thoughts on “Graves and Ruins

  1. I really love that too! I love old museums & graveyards and stuff like that. History also really fasinates me. I don’t think Ray shares my fasination though.

    • We went to Braamfontein cemetery last weekend – LOVED it, but didn’t have the camera with us. It’s fascinating! Full of history and incredible old gravestones. We’re definitely going back! 🙂

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