Stuff I take for granted, living in Africa

Human beings are fickle creatures.  Or maybe we adapt so easily – and things become so ‘normal’ to us – that we forget to truly SEE the beauty that surrounds us.  I sometimes grumble about people who live by the sea who don’t bother going to the beach… because, well, it’s always just ‘there’.

“If I lived by the ocean, I’d be at the beach every day!”, I insist.  But, that’s probably not true.  I’d probably take the sea for granted within just a couple of months… and my daily visits would probably dwindle down to occasional visits – if at all.

I live in fairly close proximity to Africa’s best wild life – and I’m often so blasé about it, that I forget about how privileged I am to have experienced these amazing animals up close and personal – on occasions too numerous to count.

I don’t want to take this for granted.  I am sooo grateful for the many, wonderful moments that Africa has given me over the course of my life… and especially – the African wildlife.  I have had many wonderful experiences exploring the African Bush… and I never want to take any of it for granted.  I absolutely LOVE being out in the bush – sitting around a big fire… drinking something hot and delicious… star gazing… and hearing nothing but the sounds of ‘the wild’ – (including the distant roaring of lions).

No matter where we go… no matter where we travel… Africa will always be home.

Here’s some of the photos I took on my most recent visit to the African Bush… (Thornybush Lodge this time):

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