This blog is moving!

Quick Disclaimer to the people who have already received their first post from my NEW site:  As usual – I’m confusing things and doing stuff the wrong way around.  Most of you already know that I’ve moved sites… but I’m publishing this post anyway – on the “Living Differently” site – so that folk who aren’t blog-followers – and who are linked to the site from somewhere else… can now say:  “Oh – okay… I see she has moved!”

Okay… so… for the past couple of months, I have been working pretty hard on building a new website that doesn’t have the limitations of a website.

For those unfamiliar to the world of blogging and websites… there are TWO different kinds of WordPress!!  Who knew?  Not me!  I didn’t know this for a long, long time!! is where anyone can set up a really easy-to-manage blog site… and which is where “Living Differently” has lived for the past couple of years. – however – is the place where you can set up your own, self-hosted website (with unlimited options – where you can build pretty-much any kind of website that you want).  It’s considerably more schleppy and finickity to set up (and it has taken me quite a while to get the hang of it) – but I think I’m almost there…

… and so – wonderful peeps… the time has come to “migrate” (as WordPress says)… my Living Differently blog followers to my new website:

What does this mean for you guys?

Those of you who follow this blog (and receive an e-mail every time I post)… this migration thing I’m doing… *SHOULD* just kinda automatically happen for you (and I hope it does… I hope I haven’t messed it all up completely!!)

If you are a follower – please note that you will not receive any e-mails every time I add a new post.  You will only see me in The Reader.  You will not receive e-mail updates – unless you subscribe to receive them on my new Mad Hat site.

Those who visit Living Differently by occasionally typing in the URL… rather type in the URL instead.

Those who visit the Living Differently blog because you are a Facebook friend and occasionally click on my blog links…  nothing will change for you.  I will still be posting on Facebook (both on my personal site and my Living Differently site)… the posts – however – will link to the Mad Hat website from now on.

And for those you just… y’know… wanna be kept in the loop with all things “Hat” and “Living Differently”… and what-not…  the BEST way is just to subscribe to my e-mail list That way – (regardless of what I do with these fandangled websites or my Facebook or whatever – we can stay connected regardless!)…

Sorry if this all sounds confusing.

Truth be told… I’m probably more confused than you are at the moment.  And I have made MORE than my fair share of stupid assumptions over the past couple of months (ie:  assuming it would be “quick”… or “easy” to set up a whole new site, migrate everyone, and try to throw in an online store too… NOT happening.  STUPID assumption!!!!)…


*takes deep breath in an attempt to calm self*

See you on the Mad Hat site!!!

Heather (Hat)….X


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