Time to take a big, crazy leap…

Renovating upstairs — does this count as Art Saturday?

Nick and I have been discontent for quite a number of months.  We have felt… trapped.  Trapped by our finances.  Trapped by our house.  Trapped by work… just… trapped.  

We’ve been asking ourselves some tough questions over the past couple of months – specifically:

  1. Is this the life we want to live?  (Answer: no).
  2. If this is NOT the life we want to live… then – what IS the life we want to live? (see thoughts below).
  3. And… what steps do we need to take to get from point A (current life)… to point B (desired life).

I count myself very fortunate that I’m married to my best friend who shares the same core values as me.  So – a fantastic starting point for us (if not the most important thing for our family)… is that Nick and I want the same things out of life.  Let me start by telling you what we absolutely DON’T care about:

  1. We don’t care about status symbols (the desire for fancy, expensive cars utterly escapes us… same goes for flashy, ostentatious house).
  2. We don’t care about following fashion or wearing “brands”.
  3. We don’t care about being “hot” or “sexy”.
  4. We don’t care about fitting in… or conforming-to-the-norm.
  5. We both have a motto:  Stupid-Rules-Don’t-Apply (more on that here).
  6. We don’t care about fitting in or conforming to any kind of societal system (long story).

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